The results must be submitted as a .csv file with two columns. The first column must contain the predicted proliferation scores based on mitosis counting (task 1) and the second column must contain the predicted molecular proliferation scores (task 2). In case you are submitting results for only one task, fill the results for the other task with "-1"s. The row numbers indicate the testing case ID (for example, the sixth row contains the prediction for TUPAC-TE-006.svs).

Results for the mitosis detection task (task 3) must be submitted as a .csv file (one for each image with the same directory structure as the image data - for example the results for the fifth case in the testing set will be written in 05/01.csv). Each row in the CSV file must correspond to one detected mitotic figure location. The first two columns must contain the image coordinates of the detection (row-column order). A third optional column in the CSV file can contain a confidence value for the detection. If the participants submit the results in this format, then they must provide a threshold for the confidence value, such that all objects with confidence above the threshold are considered detected mitotic figures. The threshold value must be identical for all HPFs from all patients. If the third column is not provided, all objects in the CSV file will be considered as detected mitotic figures. Although for the evaluation of results we do not consider the confidence values of the detected mitotic figures (see below), this information might be used in the summary paper to plot free response ROC curves or other similar graphs.